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Born on April 4, 1956 in Hoorn. Drumming from the age of 3. Loving art, music and nature. When I was 7 years old started music lessons at Wassenaars music shop in Hoorn. At the age of 8 gave my first concert in Hoorn Parkschouwburg with the Hoorn accordeonvereniging. From that time on played with just about all music ensembles in Hoorn. Played over 12 years in a number of bands. First band was the church band RK directed by Jan van Deursen. This was followed by, among others, Nomen Nescio, Boggy Lane, Fantasy, Astrid Norma's Benelux quintet etc. During my subsequent conservatory training played a while as substitute in the Amsterdam Philharmonic. Concerts in the Concertgebouw, accompanied operas througout the Netherlands etc. Followed a few years solo marimba lessons by Michael Rosen (USA, Oberlin). Lesson in timpani (kettledrums) by Jan Labordus and Werner Otten. Other percussion instruments (classical) among others by Jan Pustjens, drums (pop & jazz) by Ton Rooyers. In 2016 moved from Holland to Sweden. I am living in nature and hope to keep playing and enjoying the quiet, beautiful place I am living in.

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