December 26, 2017


Serouba drums are the tradional drums of Senegal. Together with the Sabar they form the original family of drums used there. Of course you can find other drums like the Djembe also in Senegal but they are imported from other parts of Africa.

The Serouba (from the south of Senegal) is a family of three drums: the Kutirding, the Kutirbas and the Djaliba (Kiladjang). They are played with the hands and stick like the Sabar (from the North of Senegal). The Kutirbas is the basic drum. The Kutirding (smallest) is for accompaniment. The Djaliba is the long solo drum, playing imprivisations over the basic rhythms of Kutirbas and Kutirding.

The drums have goateskins and are tensioned through ropes held by sticks. It is a simple construction. The instrument is sensible for temperatures and the tension must be adjusted often. It takes some practise to get the right sound.

I bought my Seroubas on my trip to Senegal in 2007/2008.